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Press release concerning security and safety at Callisburg ISD

Posted Date: 06/16/2022

Press release concerning security and safety at Callisburg ISD




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Callisburg ISD takes the security and safety of our students and staff very seriously.  The recent tragedy in the Uvalde school district has prompted the district to do a complete and thorough review of our procedures and plans dealing with school security and safety.  The Texas Education Agency will be providing additional trainings for school districts over the summer.  It is our understanding at this time that these new tools will be required to be in place when school starts.  These trainings will occur in our district.


While we wait to receive these new trainings and procedures, the district is taking steps to improve the security of our buildings now.  These include the following items.  All exterior doors will be inspected to determine if they are in working condition.  Needed repairs will occur.  All of our security cameras will be checked.  Cameras not working will be repaired or replaced.  The procedures used to allow visitors into the buildings are being reviewed and enhanced.  The district is pursuing a remodeling project to improve the security of the front entrance to the elementary building.  We plan to have this improvement in place by the beginning of the school year.  At the secondary campus, a new plan for student parking is being created and will be in place when school starts.  Planning is underway to provide upgraded secured entrances to all district buildings.  Our Guardian Team will complete their ongoing training this summer in order to be better prepared to respond to an active shooter event.  The District will continue to use the “Anonymous Alert” app that is located on our website.  This app provides anyone an opportunity to report anonymously concerns involving safety.


The District Emergency Operations Plan is under review.  Additional personnel will receive the plan.  The employees of the district will receive a thorough review of the plan prior to the beginning of the school year.  The District will be working with the Cooke County Sheriff’s Department over the summer concerning our Emergency Operations Plan to determine any needed changes.  The District will continue to employ a School Resource Officer in 2022-2023.  This person will be a vital part of the planning and review of the District Emergency Operations Plan.


Finally, the Texas Education Agency will be providing additional information concerning the identification of students who may be suffering from mental issues that might lead to violence for districts to use in the training of staff and parents.  We will use these new resources with fidelity.  We will also share any new information for parents as soon as possible.  Working with parents, we hope that students experiencing serious mental issues will be identified and appropriate resources made available.  The District looks forward to this partnership with parents.  Working together, we can provide a secure and safe learning environment.