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Prom Dress Code

Prom Dress Code

Formal attire is required for the prom. 

For young men, this means full length dress pants (or crisply starched and pressed NEW jeans), dress shirt and tie.  Suits or tuxes are preferred but not required.

Young women should wear a formal dress or a pant suit designed for formal wear.

-        Dresses may not be cut below the bust line.  The bust continues around your sides directly under the armpit.

-        Midriffs will not be exposed.  This includes both front and side.

-        Backless dresses are allowed as long as they are not cut below the naval.

-        Strapless dresses are okay.

-        Dresses must be at least finger-tip length, including slits

Rules regarding hair color and length, visible tattoos, piercings, and facial hair are the same as those during normal school hours.