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Accountability Reports

TX Schools 

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TEA Accountability Reports

2020-21 TEA Accountability Report

2020-21 Callisburg Elementary School Accountability Rating.pdf

2020-21 Callisburg Middle School Accountability Rating.pdf

2020-21 Calisburg High School Accountability Rating.pdf

2020-21 CISD District Accoutability Rating.pdf

Federal Report Cards - 2021-2022

Callisburg Elementary 2021-2022 Federal report Card

Callisburg Middle School 2021-2022 Federal report Card

Callisburg High School 2021-2022 Federal report Card

Federal Report Cards - State, District, and campuses 2020-21

2020-21 Federal Report Card – Texas

2020-21 Federal Report Card – District 

2020-21 Federal Report Card - CHS

2020-21 Federal Report Card - CMS

2020-21 Federal Report Card - CES

TEA Results Driven Accountability

2022 CISD Results Driven Accountability Report

2020 CISD Results Driven Accountability Report.pdf

TEA Campus Report Cards 2020-2021

TEA 2020-2021 Campus Report Cards

TEA School Report Cards 2019-2020

Callisburg ISD

Callisburg HS

Callisburg MS

Callisburg ES

Texas Academic Performance Reports 2021-2022

Elementary Campus Report

Middle School Campus Report

High School Campus Report

District Report

Texas Academic Performance Reports 2020-2021

 Campus TAPR

  District TAPR 

2021-2022 STAAR Performance Report

CES(101) Performance Report

CMS(042) Performance Report

CHS(001) Performance Report

CISD Performance Report


Other Accountability Reports

TEA Accreditation Status - 2016-17

Texas School Report Cards - 2017-18

Texas Consolidated School Ratings Report - 2017

CISD Performance Based Monitoring Analysis System Report - 2017

Texas Performance Reporting System Report - 2016-17

CISD Initial Compliance Review Report - 2016-17