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Accountability Reports

TX Schools 

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TEA Accountability Reports

2020-21 TEA Accountability Report

2020-21 Callisburg Elementary School Accountability Rating.pdf

2020-21 Callisburg Middle School Accountability Rating.pdf

2020-21 Calisburg High School Accountability Rating.pdf

2020-21 CISD District Accoutability Rating.pdf

Federal Report Cards - 2021-2022

Callisburg Elementary 2021-2022 Federal report Card

Callisburg Middle School 2021-2022 Federal report Card

Callisburg High School 2021-2022 Federal report Card

Federal Report Cards - State, District, and campuses 2020-21

2020-21 Federal Report Card – Texas

2020-21 Federal Report Card – District 

2020-21 Federal Report Card - CHS

2020-21 Federal Report Card - CMS

2020-21 Federal Report Card - CES

TEA Results Driven Accountability

2022 CISD Results Driven Accountability Report

2020 CISD Results Driven Accountability Report.pdf

TEA Campus Report Card 2022

TEA 2022 Campus Report Card

TEA Campus Report Cards 2020-2021

TEA 2020-2021 Campus Report Cards

TEA School Report Cards 2019-2020

Callisburg ISD

Callisburg HS

Callisburg MS

Callisburg ES

Texas Academic Performance Reports 2021-2022

Elementary Campus Report

Middle School Campus Report

High School Campus Report

District Report

Texas Academic Performance Reports 2020-2021

 Campus TAPR

  District TAPR 

2021-2022 STAAR Performance Report

CES(101) Performance Report

CMS(042) Performance Report

CHS(001) Performance Report

CISD Performance Report


Other Accountability Reports

TEA Accreditation Status - 2016-17

Texas School Report Cards - 2017-18

Texas Consolidated School Ratings Report - 2017

CISD Performance Based Monitoring Analysis System Report - 2017

Texas Performance Reporting System Report - 2016-17

CISD Initial Compliance Review Report - 2016-17